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Clarkston United Methodist Church is a place where people's lives are changed. We welcome you to join with us in worship, fellowship, learning and serving others. Come and see why so many people are excited to call us their family.

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Mission Possible Auction and Tickets
November 15| Buy your tickets here.
Tailgate Family Fun Night
November 22| More Information
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
December | Sign Up Today

This Weekend in Worship

The Generosity Challenge | We are called to be the most radically generous congregation, beyond our wildest imagination, for the sake of Jesus Christ. How do we fulfill this calling? How do we become people who live like that? We decide to. We decide to choose not to live afraid and seeing only scarcity. We choose to live in joy and find in every day the abundance God has placed before us. We will come to discover the ripples of Generosity we create lead to impact greater than we will ever know. This month, we will take the Generosity Challenge to become the people and community God has called us to become.

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