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The Church at its Best

We are in our second week of living in a Corona virus world affecting our lives directly. Indications are we will be continuing this for longer than we might have first expected. We will keep the church building closed at least till April 5. To suggest what happens after that would only be guessing. But I do know the church will continue to serve, worship and continue to connect people to people and People to God.

Last Sunday, we were blessed to have a large number of worshippers sharing with us. The Sunday the message will be, Held by God.

Throughout this week, we were also blessed to share devotional videos. The response has far exceeded any of our expectations. To God be the Glory!! They will continue to be released at 12:30 pm every weekday and available afterwards on this website.

Please continue to support the church by receiving our messages, serving others and praying for the staff and congregation. Please continue live in gratitude and give generously so we can remain strong in our ability to serve in these critical days. Go to the Give page on this website to discover how you can help us in this work.

Everything is different but the church continues to worship, teach, serve and thrive. When the world seems at its worst, the church is always at its best. May you and those you love remain healthy, safe and know the peace of Christ.

Pastor Rick