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  • CUMC at the Movies

    Stories of faith are being played around us every day. This month, we take a look at some of those stories in the movies at the theatre. Join us each Tuesday at Great Lake Crossing AMC and then again on Sunday morning as we discuss the stories of faith we find.

    Jan 20

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  • Joy

    Where will find Joy this holiday season? It's okay if it's not in the places you might have expected. When Jesus was born, some of the first to hear the news were the least likely, and in fact Christ's entire story turns many of our assumptions upside down. Join us as we explore the unexpected nature of Joy in the Christmas story and in our lives.

    Dec 19/Jan 20

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  • The Generosity Challenge

    We are called to be the most radically generous congregation, beyond our wildest imagination, for the sake of Jesus Christ. How do we become people who live like that? We decide to choose not to live afraid and seeing only scarcity. We choose to live in joy and find in every day the abundance God has placed before us.

    November 2019

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  • Healthy Families, Hopeful Futures

    It has been a long time since any simple definition could define a family. So perhaps, it is time to rethink how we in the church apply our faith to family life in all its variety. Void of cliches, it is time to talk about healthy family life leading to hopeful futures. Join us in October as we reflect on Healthy Families, Hopeful Futures.

    October 2019

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  • To the Moon and Beyond

    This past July our nation celebrated the 50th anniversary of landing men on the moon. That accomplishment began a little less than seven years earlier when President Kennedy declared on Sept 12, 1962, “We choose to go to the moon”. Accomplishments begin with declarations. This month, we will remember several moments of declaration in Scriptures pointing to a specific future. These passages will allow us to declare where we as a congregation will go in the days ahead. Join us as we dare to move dreams into the future by what we declare now.

    September 2019

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  • Romans 12

    Romans 12 has long been one of my favorite chapters in scripture. The apostle Paul has spent much of Romans giving the foundation to Christian theology that has guided the church through the ages. In this chapter, he shifts his attention from the theological to the practical issue of how to live Christian. In the month of August, we will work our way through this chapter. It is my prayer we can discover the simple powerful lessons that can give us the joy of faith and guide us to have a deep impact in the lives of others for the sake of Christ.

    August 2019

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  • Living Water

    June 2019

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  • Resurrection Living

    Now what? After the Easter baskets have been put away, how do we live a resurrected life? The events the disciples experienced following Jesus resurrection give us a path way for us today. These moments speak to the core of how we can keep the power of Easter in our lives. They also serve as the framework for the core values of this congregation. Spend May together in worship as we commit to live as Easter people as a congregation and as disciples of Christ today.

    May 2019

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  • Lent 2019

    March/April 2019

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  • Fierce, Faithful and Strong: Women of the Bible

    This series we will begin to explore the stories of three women from scripture who made an impact on the world around them. These biblical women were bold and courageous, and their lives shape the way we understand our faith even today.

    February 2019

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