Being in connection with Christ

Sunday morning worship is a time praise God through visual, musical, and spoken word that inspires us in our everyday lives. The traditional service is an atmosphere that is uniquely engaging yet relaxed. We hope you’ll explore the current series and plan to worship with us this weekend

Most people know that churches engage in worship. But they may not understand why? We worship to enter into God’s presence, to praise God as our Lord, to learn lessons of faith, to remember we are not alone on the journey of faith, to hear the call of God upon our lives, to find forgiveness when we need it, comfort in times of despair, inspiration when our hearts are low and strength to lean upon in times to come. Worship, all our worship, is offered to honor God and make a real difference in our life and yours.

Worship at Clarkston UMC


9:00am & 11:00am

Classic traditional worship. Join us in the Sanctuary.

Children In Worship

We welcome children in our worship services. Children need to experience worship with us so that they learn how to become part of the community of faith. For children who attend worship in the sanctuary with their parents instead of going to Sunday school and are not quite old enough to follow along, special “activity bags” and books are available in the Narthex.

Current Message Series

We are called to be the most radically generous congregation, beyond our wildest imagination, for the sake of Jesus Christ. How do we fulfill this calling? How do we become people who live like that? We decide to. We decide to choose not to live afraid and seeing only scarcity. We choose to live in joy and find in every day the abundance God has placed before us. We will come to discover the ripples of Generosity we create lead to impact greater than we will ever know. This month, we will take the Generosity Challenge to become the people and community God has called us to become

Nov 3Created in God's ImageRev. Rick DakeWATCH MESSAGE