Middle School Mission Trip

Week long service opportunity

June 17 - June 19

Overnight at Cass Community Services

All youth finishing 6th through 8th grade as of June 2019 are invited to join us Monday through Wednesday at Cass Community Services.

What we will be doing

Cass Green: Creates jobs for mentally disabled people in the Detroit area helping to make door mats out of abandoned tires in the neighborhoods and shredding paper to be recycled. Our groups will be working along side the Cass workers to make door mats as well.

We will also have the opportunity to work in the shredding warehouse. Separating and shredding paper to be recycled.

Cass Soup Kitchen: Our youth will be fed and will help feed the mentally disabled workers and homeless in the community. We will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner each day at the Soup Kitchen. At least one day in the week we will work to help prepare and serve in the soup kitchen ourselves.

Cass Community Services began a Tiny Homes community in the heart of the city. Providing opportunities for the once homeless to work to become home owners. Our youth will have the opportunity to work in the tiny homes community along side the residents in sprucing up the landscape and making sure everything is tidy in the tiny community.


Our group will be housed at Cass Community UMC. We will be the sole group there. We will be sleeping on cots that came from Jenson Collins-UMC camp so no air mattresses are needed. Closed toed shoes and casual appropriate clothing should be worn. No short shorts or tank tops We will eat all meals at the Cass Soup Kitchen.

Total Participant Cost $75
$25 Deposit May 3rd
$50 Payment June 3rd

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Thursday, June 20 and Friday, June 21

Mission Day Trip Information

Thursday and Friday are open to all youth that have completed 5th through 8th grade in June of 2019! All newly graduated 5th graders have a chance to join us for one or two days of service and fun!

Where: D.R.A.W. on Thursday | Clarkston UMC on Friday

Thursday: Help sort or pack buckets for those affected by a Natural Disaster. Friday: Help decorate and prepare for VBS.

How much: $25

Lunch and snacks included

Time: 10am-4pm-Thursday 10am -3pm-Friday

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