United Methodist Men

The UMM serve God, support our church and the surrounding community.

United Methodist Men

The Purpose of the Men of the Church is to make other Men feel welcome here at CUMC and offer opportunities for Men to grow with Christ being the center of all relationships.The Goal of the Men is to Serve God, support our church and the surrounding community. The Vision of the Men of the Church is to continually expand and improve on the purpose and goals to help strengthen and encourage Men of the Church to fulfill their journey as Disciples of Christ. All Men of the Church are invited and encouraged to attend the monthly breakfast (every 3rd Sunday and features a guest speaker) that will help lead men to connect men to men and men to God!

The CUMC men meet monthly as a committee that consists of the current CUMC United Methodist Men’s officers and members at large. The committee serves as a leadership team working in partnership with our Pastors. All men are welcome to drop in any of these meetings.

Make the Sunday UMM breakfast part of your monthly routine! All men of the church are welcome to join us every 3rd Sunday at 7:30-8:45am in Fellowship Hall for breakfast, fellowship and guest speakers focusing on a variety of topics. There is a free will offering. No need to RSVP. If you need to leave a bit early, no problem. Men of the church are honored monthly with the “Men in Honor of Faith” award for their time, talents and service given to CUMC and the community.

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Join us this year, there are plenty of opportunities to fit your schedule. Bring your friends and smiles.

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