Funeral and Memorial Services

Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service

Planning a funeral or memorial service for a loved one is a difficult task, but an important one. We will help you gather memories and design a service that will praise God, comfort those who are able to attend, and celebrate the life of your loved one.

When can a service be held?

Funeral and Memorial Services are held any day of the week. We will do our best to accommodate your family’s schedule. We may need to work around large events already taking place at the church. We will also need to work around the availability of church staff and funeral home staff, if they will be present the day of the service. A common time is 11 a.m. on a weekday, so that there can be a gathering time afterward.

General Information

The Sanctuary at Clarkston UMC holds 400 people. The Community Center can seat up to 300 people.

The Gathering Place is available for visiting before the service, or the Parlor is available for longer visiting times the day before the service. The schedule needs to be discussed and set with the clergy person helping you.

The clergy person will help you determine appropriate song selections, as well as scripture readings, that will honor God and help celebrate the life of your loved one.

Please ask the clergy person assisting you if you have questions in addition to those answered here.