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Putting The Church Together

The church is not a random mix of people who happen to hang out together. The church is a community called by God, that has been equipped to help fulfill God’s purpose in the world. Each one of us is part of that work, and we have each been given unique gifts necessary for the church to thrive. What is your Spiritual Gift? How are you called to share it? How does your spiritual gift lead you to more joy and fulfillment in life? Join us this September as we discuss these questions and consider our role as God calls us to work on Putting the Church Together.

Date Title Clergy  
October 1 A Full Plate Rev. Rick Dake MORE
Septmeber 24 The Missing Puzzle Piece Rev. Megan Walther MORE
Septmeber 17 For The Common Good Rev. Rick Dake MORE
Septmeber 10 Activation Underway Rev. Rick Dake MORE
Septmeber 3 Piece By Piece Rev. Laura Speiran MORE
Septmeber 3 Series Intro   MORE
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