No Cash. No Check.
No Problem.

Text to Give

Do you pay for all your “things” online? Why not make your donations electronically as well?

We want our members to contribute when and how they want. We offer several electronic giving options, including Give by Text, as convenient alternatives to checks or cash.

How to use Text Giving

Using text giving is fast, convenient, and secure. Your gift can be one-time or recurring. Here's how to use it:

  1. Text any amount to 947-282-4064 (specific to Clarkston UMC).
  2. Follow the link to complete a one-time registration.
  3. Save the number for all future contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give by text message?

Text any amount to 947-282-4064 (specific to Clarkston UMC).

How do I know when my donations are processed?

You will receive an immediate confirmation via text that the donation has been received. After a text donation has been processed, it appears on your credit card statement.

Are text donations ever charged to my mobile phone bill?

No. Donations are processed using the payment method specified in the member’s online profile. Phone carriers handle only the text message, never any financial information.

Can I set up recurring donations by text?

Yes. You can text “Repeat” after you have made a donation to make it recurring. You can also text “Schedule” to set up a recurring donation.

Will text contributions be included in my contribution statement?

Yes. Text contributions will be posted to your giving records just like any other gift (e.g., cash, checks, online).

What payment methods are available for giving by text?

The Vanco Give by Text service supports donations via credit and debit cards.