Joyful Joggers


Saturday Mornings

The Joyful Joggers is a weekly running group! We consist of a variety of runners with all kinds of speeds, distances, ages, availability, and levels of experience!! We welcome any interested jogger or runner to the group. Organized runs are every Saturday morning, where we gather in our parking lot, start together and run in our community. At times, faster runners take off, while the others hang together. We always cool down together! This is a group of fun people. We get to know one another and have a variety of discussion topics that vary by popular new events, community info, or sometimes we help solve each others problems. Quite a diverse set of topics, but always a lively and entertaining discussion.

Weekly emails gauge the participants for the given Saturday as well as distance preferences. The route is emailed Friday evening. Come when you are able. Each week is different. Each run is different. Whether a new runner and trying to prepare for your first 5k or an experienced half marathoner, consider giving us a try!



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