Getting Ahead



Getting Ahead is a way for people to investigate or examine the impact that poverty has on them and their community. It also helps people who are near or in poverty to stabilize their living situations and build resources.
At Clarkston UMC we recognize the assets that every individual brings to the table and would like the participants (Investigators) to help teach us what it is like to live in poverty in our community so that we can better meet the needs of those in Clarkston who are living near or in poverty.

Getting Ahead can help a person to:
  • Identify and solve problems in a safe but challenging group-learning experience
  • Do a self-assessment of his/her own resources
  • Develop a plan, future story
  • What Happens in Getting Ahead:

    A group of 6-12 people meets with the facilitators for 16 workshop meetings. Each workshop takes about three hours. There will be no lecturing, no teaching; the “Investigator” method will be used. The Investigators are paid for their work

    Getting Ahead is different because:
  • Investigators are seen as problem solvers; their information and ideas are needed
  • No one decides anything for the Investigators; no one will tell them what to do
  • No one will do for Investigators what they can do for themselves
  • No one will “teach”, the Investigators have to do the learning
  • Ways You Can Help:
  • Pray for the Investigators and Facilitators during the process
  • Sign-Up to help provide dinner one evening
  • Attend the Getting Ahead graduation
  • Create relationships with the Investigators and show them the Biblical Hospitality we hold as a Core Value